Following the fake news

In Los Angeles, and have come across this: A partial list of threats against GOP and Trump from Hollywood celebrities. But the four papers today that were free at hotel reception must be all anyone sees and all discuss the shootings in Washington entirely either from a get-rid-of-guns perspective or look-what-you-Republicans-have-brought-upon-yourself. A nutcase anti-Trump far-left Bernie Sanders supporter does not get featured as a representative figure in The LA Times, USA Today, The NYT or The Wall Street Journal. And there is no reason to say “even” the WSJ.

WSJ mentions Republicans were gunned down on page one but “balances” on page 4 with a history of three Democrats who had been shot, the first in 1954 and the second in 1978, in Africa! The editorial is third of three and deals solely with the bravery of the capital hill police.

You cannot debate these people since there is nothing in dispute. Add in the networks and no one ever has to hear an opinion outside whatever it is that helps the Democrats at any particular moment in time. Inciting deadly violence against members of congress will be a three-day wonder. Russia’s hacking the election remains the top story.

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