The captive and empty minds of the left

Peter Smith discusses the posturing of the left, giving us a brief list of leftist idiocies, of which, he notes, there are far more to add:

Ever more generous provisions of welfare, health and education are ‘rights’, the denial of which on the basis of affordability is unconscionable.

Taxing the rich is a bottomless wallet for making affordable the unaffordable.

Palestinians are willing to live in peace with Israel, even though their children are taught from infancy to hate, despise and kill Jews.

Islam is a peaceful religion no matter how much godless violence is preached and practised in its name; no matter how clear are the violent riding instructions in the Koran and Sunna.

Our Western past is shameful and we must be penitent in the ways of Obama.

All refugees must be welcomed across our open borders and everything will be fine.

Free speech is a right provided no-one outside of white men is offended; in which case it is hate speech.

Traditional marriage, and male and female demarcations, are dispensable affectations of less enlightened times when gender fluidity was not so de rigueur.

The problem is we are just talking among ourselves. The crucial need is to find some way to get past the sentinels guarding the captive and empty minds of the left from ever having to hear a dissenting word. The question then is whether such minds can be changed which id discussed here. But I do have to say that if watching the news from Manchester doesn’t make someone on the left think again about their political views, I don’t know what will. The closest I can come to a strategy is merely to point out that almost all of the political evils in the world, from the KKK who were uniformly Democrats, to the National SOCIALISTS, to the Italian fascists, to the Stalinists, to the Maoists, to the followers of Castro and Kim, and so on, were people of the left. Wanting a better world is not even the first baby step in knowing how to achieve it, and it is truly the case that no leftist I have ever known has had much of an idea how to go about making this a better world. The aim is always to grab power in the name of the people and the practice is thereafter to keep it for themselves.

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