Trump likes Australian health care which Democrats think is a single-payer system

Australia’s health care system is the best in the world. It happened by accident with Whitlam having introduced Medibank in 1975 and Fraser having been flummoxed about what to do did nothing other than allow a parallel system of private insurance to compete. The two parallel systems remain, and while both are subsidised by government, the system of care for those at both ends of the income spectrum is as good as one could hope, which is not the same as being perfect.

Which brings me to this where left and right in the United States at least superficially agree on something: Sanders: ‘Trump is right’ on Australian healthcare system. As you can see from the video, Sanders and much of the left do not understand that we have a two-tier system that lets anyone who wishes spend their money to buy higher quality care that can be tailored to their own particular needs. Do the left in the United States, along with their media, ever get anything of importance right?

The Canadian single-payer system is a disaster that has as its one positive feature, that no one ever has to pay a cent when going to the doctor. But the downside is that it is forbidden to buy extra care for oneself (although that may have recently changed) so everyone queues until their number comes up. It is this system that the Democrats want to introduce. It is something along the lines of the Australian system that Trump wants to introduce. My advice, if you are going to get sick, do it in Australia and not in Canada or the US.

And if you want to see an exceptionally funny movie about the Canadian system let me recommend The Barbarian Invasions.

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