Counting our political blessings

It’s nice to see an article pointing out how well we have done in having had the US elect Donald Trump. This is by Andrew Klavan who I don’t recall having been a fan during the election but does seem to have seen the light, calling his post Thanks GOP! with not a trace of irony meant. Just by not being Hillary, DJT has done more than could ever have been hoped for. But as Klavan points out, there is much much more to be thankful for even if it is not everything we might have wanted.

So yes, let those of us on the right continue to push for more conservative legislation, and let us complain some whenever we don’t get it. But let’s not be blinded to the fact that things are going pretty well for the good guys right now.

Maybe we could call a pause in carping at President Trump and tarring and feathering Speaker Ryan and scorning Senator Mitch McConnell just long enough to tell them thanks.

To this day, I run across people who tell me they identify with the right side of politics but lament that Donald Trump because president. This is such massive stupidity never mind ingratitude by people who, whatever they may think about themselves, have not the slightest idea how politics works.

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