Advising the president on North Korea

On every issue both international and domestic I find myself on the same side as Donald Trump. He is, moreover, not a lone wolf, he is not the head of some “think tank” that pours out advice without responsibility, but the head of an administration of people who have had to deal with international relations for decades past, but in which every moment is something new. What to do about North Korea, led by a madman with ambitions to build nuclear weapons and a delivery system that will reach the United States (and therefore also Australia)? I have no idea what the right answer is, but of all people across the globe I am content to see it is Trump attempting to deal with a situation that has been allowed to fester and rot. So where among our local papers can one turn to for guidance?

This is from The Australian today, We should make the best of being region’s odd man in. From which:

Donald Trump’s inexperience, recklessness and incoherence in foreign policy adds another element to this already volatile mix of superpower politics, mad dictatorships and menacing brinkmanship. The Trump administration is not a reliable ally for Australia given its contradictory and confused approach to foreign policy.

The only thing confused here is the donkey who wrote this article. Meanwhile at The Age we have another piece of advice: Donald Trump is right to try something new on North Korea. There we find:

Donald Trump is therefore quite right when he asserts that US policy has failed. So it’s time to hold our breath while he tries out a new tactic: play the vicious little dictator at his own game. The Kims have always used belligerence to extract concessions, like loosened sanctions, because no one is ever sure just how far Pyongyang will go. . . .

China might not be able to stop North Korea’s weapons program. Perhaps nothing can except a war. It would be a terrible, brutal, bloody war and it would be unforgivable for Mr Trump to trigger it lightly or by accident. But US policy on North Korea has so far been a failure. The White House is right to try something new.

The Australian’s continuous and ignorant attacks on Donald Trump is making the paper almost unreadable. But here is how it is. The world now depends on the American president as its best chance of solving the problem of North Korean and its nuclear ambitions. These media leftists with their automatic opposition to anything Trump does are worse than tiresome, they are making it more difficult to find solutions to major problems that will take us all down if we do not do something about them.

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