“I stand with Mark Latham and I want him back”

The words in the heading are Ross Cameron’s from yesterday’s Outsiders and let me say the same for myself, I stand with Mark Latham and I want him back. Sky News has to understand that they are responsible for what is wonton destruction of possibly the best political satire and commentary we have seen in years. The management team at Sky are to Outsiders what Yoko Ono was to the Beatles. Ross and Rowan dean were excellent but Mark makes it even better. If you are interested in listening to the audio that trapped Mark Latham, you can find it here at Andrew Bolt.

We were also reminded how the ranks of the non-left are continuously being depleted with the loss of Bill Leak, who was represented by his son; with the absence of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose visit to Australia has had to be postponed; and by the disappearance of Mark Latham himself. I am hardly alone in wanting him back.

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