We’re crazy and we vote

If you are interested in Australia’s energy future you can see it here in my home province of old: Ontario manufacturers eye greener pastures stateside as hydro rates go through the roof.

“The government treats us like bourgeois sweatshop operators who have to be stopped,” said Bamford, who has organized dozens of medium-sized companies into the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers of Ontario. “All the businesses are terrified of the government. My husband said, ‘Well, do you just want to pick up and go?’ And I said, ‘Well, I guess I gotta just stay and fight.’ I feel like I’m the Norma Rae of manufacturing.”

Automatic Coating’s electricity bill has more than doubled in the past decade. Its bill for last November was $49,209.68. The first line is for electricity: $6,577.93. The second line is much harder to explain: it is the euphemistic Global Adjustment charge: 217,165 kWh at 11.6 cents each for a total of $25,223.73.

The Global Adjustment contains many different costs, including Ontario’s payments to solar and wind energy makers at far more than the market rate, the cost to sell excess power to U.S. states at a loss, and even the cost of replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs.

They’re nutters every one – the ones in government and the ones who put them there – but they come in very large numbers. We’re crazy and we vote is not the line they use but it is the reality. They are now as disconnected from reality as we will all soon be from a secure source of affordable power.

[Via Small Dead Animals]

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