Staring into the headlights

From Andrew Bolt, the Coalition is ten points down. Two years out from an election, polls are typically misleading, with the governing party always lower than it ought to be since no actual government can ever live up to expectations. Ten points is not, however, slightly down but a chasm. What I have done is cull from the comments at Bolt those that discuss Malcolm directly. I need hardly mention no one has had a good word to say about the PM.

It is clear that the disgruntled conservatives or Delcons or the Deplorables have NOT fallen for the BS that Turnbull expects us to swallow especially the Snowy river scheme Mark two because there is going to be a long interval between turning the first shovel of earth and Cutting the Ribbon IF it it ever gets started. If the Liberal senators ever think to ask questions in their electorates they MIGHT find that Turnbull is on the nose everywhere and if THEY want to survive the election they are going to have to come up with some answers namely to DO something about Turnbull or we are going to have to endure a Labor Government.

A few decades ago Australia was a wonderful place for our Families, the best place to bring up kids, easy going lifestyle and People were safe to go about their Business. Now no one is safe in our Homes, Schools, Business and even at Leisure times. Our Politicians are so far up themselves and only have two considerations their Political Parties and Themselves. Everything is about staying in Power, not the Welfare of the Country or the Man in the Street. We have Leaders who are so blatant with their lies, it seems none of them have any idea of how the People feel, they are oblivious to the needs of the People especially the Majority. And the Media, well no one believes anything that is Printed or Spoken by them anymore, the two words FAKE NEWS are becoming the most frequent words spoken when People are gathered. Is it any wonder that the People of the US voted for Trump.

Does anyone think that Turnbull’s ‘road to Damascus’ conversion to defend freedom of speech is anything but a ploy to mitigate terminal polling numbers? I would wager the final proposal would depend on the blessing of Triggs or her ilk after a chardy and sausage sizzle/vegan burger. No real change, but another attempt to make it look like change. Treat the voters like mugs…again.

During the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years, I remember seeing anger in the community. People were furious with the ALP, and rightly so. With the Turnbull Government I don’t see the same thing, despite similar polling. I witness exasperation and disappointment with the Government. The Sydney Morning Marxist will say it is because we aren’t seeing the ‘real Malcolm’. This is garbage. People are used to seeing centre-right Governments balancing the budget, maintaining a strong economy and keeping us safe. They are let down on all three counts. The Coalition must sort it out, or else we will be getting Prime Minister Bill Shorten, and that would be a catastrophe.

Not surprisingly, the poll results reflect a wishy washy P.M. with thought bubbles that seem like a good idea at the time. Provide a warm fuzzy feeling for a while until reality sets in and the voters again feel betrayed eg, Telling W.A. that he would scrutinize the GST carve up, telling us about the Snowy Mountains scheme mark 2, only to find a day or two later, that it involves pumping water uphill, so it can flow down hill. And is years away. He should invoke emergency powers and ensure Hazelwood continues in operation, until energy supply is stable. On 18C, again he dips his toe in the water, with a suggestion that provides considerable uncertainty, instead of scrapping the HRC, something unnecessary which we can’t afford. Our human rights record is very good compared to numerous overseas atrocities. Mal. has difficulty departing fantasy land and his policy of trying to keep everyone happy all of the time is a weakness.

The Liberals will struggle to get 30% here in Qld. As things stand, the loss of seats in Qld alone dooms the Libs to a devastating defeat in 2018. No amount of useless, hypocritical posturing on “amending S18C” will improve the cellar-dwelling rating he has in Qld. He can act the Conservative all he likes over the next 24 months or so, but up here we know him for what he truly is. And he’d revert to his idiotic leftism if he was, somehow, re-elected to Government in 2018.

You have to be wondering what internal LNP polling has also been saying? If its wipe out material no wonder Mr Turnbull and his government are trying to find their traditional Liberal agenda. Mr Brandis was on radio this morning and gave a fairly forceful rationale for changes to 18C (admittedly to a more friendly interviewer). However, now expect the major of the media to act like they did when Mr Abbott was the Prime Minister. Mr Turnbull will be seen as betraying the media for all the support they have given Mr Turnbull in the last 24 months. Mr Turnbull will need to take it to the media forcefully and consistently. Any retreat now would see him completely smashed.

Also take a look at that apocalyptic Coalition primary vote of 34! The time for beating around the bush and “give Turnbull a chance” is LONG since over. Here are the brutal facts – Turnbull was fatally damaged the moment he knifed Abbott to become PM in the first place. Conservatives have long memories and a fierce moral code, and the reality is that the base will NEVER accept such a serpentine leader. But when you combine that with the sheer arrogance and catastrophic ineptitude that Turnbull has displayed in the job as PM (especially obliterating the giant seat majority he inherited from Abbott), and the crippling primary vote in polling, then you have clear and present evidence that Turnbull is FINISHED as a viable option. And no desperate 11th hour appeasement-offering of 18C reforms will save him. The base have rendered their judgement loud and clear: “We don’t want Turnbull!”

As much as Malcolm Turnbull appeared revitalised I still cannot forgive his treachery and no matter what he does and his cohorts that bitter taste will remain. It did yesterday feel less likely we would be returned to the People’s Prime Minister but today is a new day and I am hoping politicians will not continue to play us for fools. We now have Corey Bernardi’s Conservatives and Hanson’s One Nation, I am not going back to the LNP. The Nationals could have stopped the descent into this abyss but said nothing.

Whatever the case, Turnbull is still a dud and it is only the increasing pressure on him from One Nation, that is causing him to appear much more conservative lately. All the more reason to make sure One Nation or Australian Conservative Party or ALA or any coalition between them is maintained so long as Turnbull is Liberal leader. Without them Turnbull will revert to his left green character. Just look at the way he has been very busily filling the Liberal Party (and the ABC) with all his left green mates.

The real problem is Mal giving his lefty mate the ABC job. Just when he showed signs of improvement he shores up the alt left faction of the ABC to ensure their continued left wing bias.

Just an indication of the fragility of MT’s position. They’re behaving like problem gamblers who have just had a rare good day at the TAB.

Turnbull’s problem is Shorten is running rings around him. And Shorten is a lightweight opportunist. If a horrible little man like Shorten can better you, then it’s all over.

Much better news … the party still has time in front of it to recognise the disaster that is Malcolm Turnbull and then turn on their real opponent —— Shorten

It doesn’t matter anymore what Turnbull and the Bedwetters do, they are “dead men walking”.

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