Waste not, want not is not a socialist slogan

This is from the comments thread at Tim Blair. The point being made was that the money wasted paying Soupstain and Triggs is mere chicken feed compared with the amount of money being wasted on maintaining the desal plant in NSW which is $500,000 a day. Hence this comment:

“Yet still it costs around $500,000 per day to keep this monument to climate panic in functioning order.”

Victoria would love to have this problem…….our mighty desal plant costs us $1.7M per day (yep you read that right) to produce……nothing.

Did Tim say leftists are good with OPM.

Which then led to this comment which really does make you even more angry:

If their Premier could just cancel a freeway then he can just cancel the de-sal plant payment’ ………………….Oh, wait.

Maybe they can pump it into the Murray so they don’t have to keep stealing water from the farmers.

If these voters on the left truly understood how their lives are being blighted by the governments they elect we really would have a revolution. They are lucky to get back ten cents on the dollar, but the ten cents is visible and the dollar is made up of the goods and services they will never enjoy because the economies in which we live are so badly mismanaged.

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