A stunning tribute to Bill Leak from another cartoonist

This is Zeg at Quadrant on Line. Beautifully drawn and very much to the point. Here is the text:

Bill Leak was forced to move his home and family to a secret location after being marked for death by Islamic fascists — real fascists, mind you, not the sort the sniveling Left perceives at every word of disagreement. He should have been able to count on the full weight and support of every government agency and bureaucrat. Instead, while the Prime Minister declined to utter four short words, ‘Je suis Bill Leak’, he was abandoned to the torments of the shameless Gillian Triggs and her posse of tax-funded thugs. What’s the difference between ISIS and the HRC? The former is open and honest in its vindictive contempt for all who will not toe the line.

The Prime Minister is missing in action in every encounter and not just here. Since no one else has mentioned it in a post today, the loss in WA is where the Feds are heading under its ineffectual low-energy non-leader. If the Coalition go to the election in the present configuration, they really are beneath contempt since they are destined to lose unless they finally work out a plan to reinvigorate themselves.

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