The dumb terminals of the left

Got into an argument with someone on the left the other day about Donald Trump. So I asked what in particular that Trump is doing doesn’t he like? Just name anything at all, just tell me what it is and what it is you don’t like. Could not elicit a single statement of any kind about any issue. So I said, what do you think of the wall? Do you think that the United States should just let anyone enter the country without checking who they are or whether it might be to the advantage of Americans that these non-Americans be allowed to settle where they please and then live off the welfare state. So he said he was against walls. So I said, well what about the wall that separates Israel from Hamas in the Gaza? No, there should be no walls, he replied. Does that also include Egypt who has also put a wall between itself and Gaza? But you know nothing went any further.

And here is the thing. The terminology is a bit old fashioned, but it finally occurred to me that in discussing anything with anyone on the left, you are dealing with a dumb terminal. From Wikipedia:

A dumb terminal is a computer terminal that consists mostly of just a display monitor and a keyboard (and perhaps a mouse as well). It has no internal CPU (central processing unit), and thus has little or no processing power. Sep 2, 2005

The definition goes back to 2005 so far as computers go, but so far as people on the left it’s as modern as this morning. There is some central body of thought which everyone subscribes to without any independent personal contribution of their own. It’s not ignorance since there cannot be any doubt that as far as no walls in Gaza is concerned, the consequence would mean the immediate destruction of Israel. And there is no doubt an answer to what the left believes about the Gaza and the border but since he didn’t know what it was, he was damned if he was going to concede and inch. Independent thought and an ability to be responsive in an open discussion is impossible.

Blind, dumb and stupid; just attached to the left’s cpu for all answers to all political question. This is the great benefit of being on the left since one never ever has to think through any single issue on one’s own.

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