How’s it playing out in Canada?

The differences between the Dominion I left and Australia today are, as ever, not that great. We are one election way from a descent from which we will never thereafter ascend. I get stories from home all the time and they are generally how things are moving sharply to the left. Interestingly for me, most of those I hear from are quite OK with this. So here’s an article on the effects of Justin Trudeau on Canada’s fair domain: Is Justin Trudeau ‘Trumpable’?. That is, could someone like Trump become Prime Minister in Canada? Reading this is a reminder how easily someone like Justin could become PM in Australia.

Well, let’s see how Liberal poster boy Justin Trudeau is doing in the Canadian compassion trade, how well he is shepherding Canadians through good times and bad, and how he is caring for the vulnerable:

The budget is no longer balanced. The deficit is approaching the $6 billion mark and, under current fiscal policies, Canada Finance projects a 1.5 trillion dollar debt over the next thirty years. Trudeau is creating a debtor nation in perpetuity. This is a shepherd happy to mortgage his flock to the fiscal butcher.

Trudeau is now under investigation by the federal ethics commissioner for traveling in a private aircraft, a violation of the Conflict of Interest Act and the first-ever investigation into a sitting prime minister for political wrongdoing. He is also on the hook for illegal party fundraising practices and for selling influence to foreign businessmen who donate to his foundation—his cash-for-access version of the Clintonian pay-for-play scheme. How this will benefit Canadians, as Trudeau claims, is a mystery.

Trudeau is set to impose a carbon tax on those provinces that have not yet done so, raising gasoline prices, heating costs, transportation and delivery expenses, food prices and more. These are significant hikes for most consumers, especially as the GST (value-added tax) sits atop the carbon tax, piling layer upon layer of mulct on hard-pressed people. Some I know are cutting back on driving their children to sports events and fitness centers. A weeping Ontario woman complained at a Trudeau Town Hall forum that her hydro bill was now higher than her mortgage. Others are being forced to choose groceries over utilities. Of course, the cap-and-trade policy is just another tax grab, justified by Trudeau’s desire to “phase out” fossil fuels, the mainstay of the Canadian economy. Adding injury to injury, he has pledged 2.65 billion of taxpayer dollars to developing countries as part of his “Global Climate Change Action.” Yet there has been no global warming for 21 years; indeed, APG is the greatest scam of the modern era.

Liberal cabinet ministers have been scandalously billing the public for their personal and whimsical expenses, some outrageous—private limousine service, office redecorating, staff relocation totalling more than $1 million, and so on. Trudeau has taken ten vacations during his first year as PM, partied with rock stars, and enjoyed down time with family and friends on the Aga Khan’s private island known as the “Hamptons of the Bahamas”—the Aga Khan’s helicopter was the “private aircraft” in question. During the last parliamentary session, he skipped 58 per cent of parliamentary question periods. He has clearly learned much from his mentor, Barack Obama.
Trudeau’s Liberals want to bring back the per-vote subsidy, cancelled by the Conservatives, which forces taxpayers to underwrite the partisan activities of political parties.

The economy is seriously ailing. Over 30,000 jobs have been lost in July 2016 alone, a severe drop for a small country.

Trudeau has signed an extradition treaty with China, among the world’s worst human rights abusers, whose “basic dictatorship” Trudeau has publicly admired. He has sympathized with the Boston bombers and mourned the death of Fidel Castro, a “remarkable leader.” This is the trendy millennial Canadians have elected to lead them to tomorrow.

Trudeau has made a habit of ostentatiously visiting mosques around the country, one in particular known as a “terror mosque.” Islamic immigration vigorously promoted by Trudeau, to the tune of 300,000 immigrants, mainly “Syrians,” in 2016, will strain the country’s failing resources and promise cultural dissolution in the coming years.

Malcolm is easily the equivalent of Justin but is held in check by the party he is the nominal head of. There is plenty of political stupidity out there. We remain the lucky country for the while, but how long our luck will hold out is anyone’s guess. They have five year Parliaments in Canada as well so Justin’s going to be there for a very long time. It’s become a sinkhole of bad economics built on political correctness gone mad and is only able to sustain itself because of it’s huge capital inheritance and resource base. But these are being run through at a startling rate and when the country finally wakes up to the wreck it has become, much too late it will be.

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