If you think Trump is Hitler visit Auschwitz

Having just been to Birkenau-Auschwitz, which I did reluctantly but am not sorry that we did, the ignorance of anyone comparing Trump to Hitler, or American immigration policy to the Final Solution, is not just ignorant but sickening to a level that is hard to fathom. Here is how it was then. Any Jew that the Nazis could get their hands on was murdered, some on the spot in mass shootings, others in industrial-sized gas chambers in specially constructed death camps, and the remainder by being forced to work in conditions designed to lead to death in a relatively short period of time. Jews were not trying to enter German-occupied Europe. They would have left for anywhere else if they would have been allowed to go without a word of complaint wherever they might have ended up. Being sent to Nauru would have been the dearest wish for every one of them with no exception. Do these protestors not know anything at all?

Similar thoughts on all those ignoramuses who think of themselves as so brave in standing up to that “Fascist” Trump. The life expectancy of anyone publicly criticising Hitler anywhere within Occupied Europe would not have been 24 hours. These people know nothing about any of this. You can argue about immigration policy and what to do with the tens of millions of refugees found across the world, for which there are no easy answers. But to compare the situation today with the 1930s and 1940s is sickening. These people are personally repulsive.

Meanwhile, the left will use any device for its immoral purposes. Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day and Trump issued a press release that did not specifically refer to the Jewish deaths for which he is being criticised. Do these morons really think Trump is unaware of this terrible tragedy or that he wishes to ignore its significance. The left truly does become more repellant every day. They stand for no discernible principle. Nihilism truly is at the core of their worldview.

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