Failure of historic proportions

The headings and concepts are all right, but the wording is still ridiculously weak: What Obama won’t tell you about his legacy. What the story should state is that Obama has been a disaster from one end of his presidency to the other. It must still be impossible to say this in the US and keep your friends, and possibly your job. Here are the points made picked up at SmallDeadAnimals under the heading Obama’s legacy of failure.

1. It’s (still) the economy, stupid

The expansion that began in June 2009 has been the weakest since World War II, with real gross domestic product growth averaging 2.1%. At 7 1/2 years and counting, it is also among the longest on record. But it hasn’t packed much of a punch. Cumulative growth of 16.5% since the trough is well shy of the 38.4% increase during the 1982-1990 expansion and 42.6% from 1991-2001, according to the Wall Street Journal.

2. A Legacy of Ashes

Obama’s continued popularity hasn’t had much of a trickle-down effect. In the eight years since he was first elected, Democrats have lost more than 1,000 seats at the state and national level. Republicans now control 4,170 state legislative seats compared with 3,129 for the Democrats, an all-time low.

3. Keep your friends close

At his year-end press conference on Dec. 16, which was short on questions, long on answers, Obama spoke about his response to the Russian hacking of Democratic National Committee emails during the election.

He said that when he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in China in September, he told him to “cut it out” in terms of the hacking.

Sorry, Mr. President, the world isn’t afraid of you and your empty threats.

4. Divided we stand

Obama may have broken racial barriers when he became the first African-American president of the U.S., but his election did nothing to improve race relations. In fact, a majority of Americans (54%) say that race relations deteriorated under Obama, according to a recent CNN/ORC poll.

5. That which must not be named

Radical Islamic terrorism. Obama has spent eight years deftly avoiding using those three words to call an act what it is. He has intellectualized his position by claiming the phrase “equates Islam with terrorism,” which is counterproductive to U.S. counterterrorism efforts.

Instead, Obama prefers terms such as “workplace violence,” even if the terrorists in question pay homage to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State. A terrorist act provides an opportunity for the president to lecture the nation on the need for stricter gun-control laws.

History is written by the historians, which essentially means it is written by academic liars. This is what really happened, which only a minority freely acknowledge.

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