“We are responsible for our own destruction”

Let us begin with this passage from an op ed in The Australian today by Tim Wilson on 18C requires non-racial remit without curbs on free speech. There we find:

No other area of federal law seeks to make public acts unlawful simply for offending, insulting or humiliating someone.

In its present form 18C has more in common with anti-blasphemy laws in theocracies than it does with other federal laws.

To put into context just how bad 18C is, under federal law you can urge violence against groups of people with a disability, gays or women but you can’t offend people on the basis of their race.

In its present form 18C is not a protection of people’s human rights on the basis of race; it grants a special privilege that isn’t afforded to others in society.

Absolutely. You cannot rule out public debate because someone might find themselves insulted by what someone else is saying. Take for instance this from the letters page in The Oz today, just opposite Tim’s column. Can it make any sense to prosecute any of the letter writers below?

Islam is winning the world war and will be victorious, culminating in the destruction of Western civilisation and democracy.

The writing is on the wall, on the footpath and on the road, written in blood because Western leaders and politicians, mainstream media and academics appeases the enemy by refusing to name Islam for what it is.

Islam is a religion invented to give divine sanction to Arabic military expansion through a supremacist, totalitarian ideology dominated by intimidation, fear, ignorance and irrationality. It has violence at its core.

It has no place in an ordered, rational society. But it’s too late now. We are responsible for our own destruction.

PT, Cornelian Bay, Tas

The only good that can come from the shocking carnage in Berlin is a New Year’s resolution from the Germans to oust Angela Merkel from office. As Tony Abbott said in his recent Prague address, effective border protection is not for the squeamish, but it is absolutely necessary to save lives and to preserve nations.

MM, Singleton, NSW

Germany has wonderful Christmas markets and such a fantastic atmosphere but now this latest atrocity from what we are always told are peace-loving Muslims. Germany welcomed them in with open arms. What a way to repay the kindness.

The Russian ambassador murdered, again by a peace-loving Muslim in Turkey.

No wonder Pauline Hanson is doing well as she does at least speak the truth. We deplorables are not that stupid.

MS, Halls Head, WA

A Russian diplomat is assassinated by a man “using Arabic phrases”.

Yet Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and Malcolm Turnbull still sit inert and in bemusement at why the likes of Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson are being elected. Society clearly wants someone with the courage and mettle to call out and challenge intolerant religious ideology.

AM, Port Melbourne, Vic

It is getting harder to say certain things, but unless the aim is to hasten the destruction of our way of life, all of this has to be open for debate, irrespective of the personal feelings of those who might merely pretend to be offended to prevent others from saying what they think.

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