Politics and friendship

There is nothing at all surprising about this: Poll: Dems more likely to unfriend people due to political posts. The only thing that’s possibly surprising is how low the ratio is, but there is an obvious reason for that. But first the stats:

Democratic voters are almost three times as likely to have “blocked, unfriended, or stopped following someone on social media” after Donald Trump’s victory, according to a study released Monday.

The nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI ) found 24 percent of Democrats distanced themselves from people on social media because of a political postings. Nine percent of both Republicans and independents reported doing the same to those in social media circles.

Additionally, 28 percent of liberals surveyed said they removed someone from their social media circle because of the content that person posted, compared with 8 percent of conservatives.

And the reason it’s only 3:1 is that Democrats already live in a self-imposed bubble so that by the time Trump won the election, most Democrats would already have blocked people of the right out of their lives. And I have to say that most people on the left are defenceless against anyone on the right who has even a modest understanding of the political news. What can anyone on the left really say that is equivalent to our saying – come on, I mean really, you don’t know that Castro was a mass murderer who held the Cuban people in an island prison for almost sixty years? So you either don’t say it to preserve your friendships, or you do say it and have them write you out of their lives.

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