Fake news and real totalitarians

How do such liars get away with it. Because they have no shame in lying right to your face and the established left – in the press, within political parties and throughout social media – are willing to fall instantaneously into line the minute the latest news narrative is stated. A low-information voter is someone whose only source of news are the large conglomerate news organisations. By definition, almost the whole of the population in any of our societies are the products of fake news. If you get your facts only from The New York Times or ABC news, you are as ignorant and possibly more ignorant than if you had not paid any attention at all to what they report.

Think of this which is right now the headline at Drudge:


They label truth as fake news and will do all they can to see it suppressed. They have no shame, but the very fact that we must discuss this and work out ways to push these vile, deceitful scum away from influencing the societies in which we live, means we are losing. How many people might watch the video. Maybe half a million. Meanwhile there are tens of millions on facebook who have no ability, and often no desire, to look outside what they find there. Zuckerberg and others like him are evil people, who like the Lenins and Castros of the world, are trying to guide you to a better future which they can run for your own good, and to protect you from yourself. The big issue for us is to work out how to fight back.

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