What does Gillian Triggs have to say about this?

Everything about this story from the start to the present moment is disturbing. It is partly the legislation and even more the personnel of the Human Rights Commission that has led us now to this: QUT case: Cindy Prior must pay students $200,000-plus.

Section 18C complainant Cindy Prior faces being pursued into bankruptcy after a judge ordered she pay an estimated $200,000 in legal costs for three QUT students who were accused of racial hatred over Facebook posts.

Somewhere along the way, the AHRC did not head this off into what it is supposed to do, which is to bring the parties together and help them sort out the issues. Instead, it was left to fester, and Ms. Prior was allowed to think that this was some kind of get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, she has been brought to financial ruin.

What I want to hear is from Gillian Triggs and the others at the AHRC who seem to me to share a goodly portion of the blame for what has happened to Ms Prior.

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