Can anyone explain this?

A very puzzling story I cannot seem to make sense of: Nation divided at school gate as progressives lead white flight. Here are the details:

Since 2002 the City of Yarra council has proclaimed Melbourne’s inner north “a Refugee Welcome Zone’’.

But in this ardently Greens-voting area — and in left-leaning suburbs in Sydney’s inner west — progressive, middle-class families have been accused of avoiding schools with high refugee, ­indigenous or non-English-speaking student populations.

“They are fleeing,’’ African community leader and former refugee Abeselom Nega says of white families who appear to be shunning inner Melbourne schools with large African-Australian student cohorts, many of whom live in social housing. . . .

Ms Ho agrees that even in progressive inner-city areas, parental support for diversity “stops at the school gate’’. Ms Ho says a recent study she co-wrote, focusing on public schools in Sydney’s inner-west suburb of Glebe, revealed how “there’s an acceptance of diversity that stops when it comes to ‘my own kids’. We saw that a lot.’’

Reading the comments section to the story does help me make some sense of it, but mostly it is hard to fathom.

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