There will be no carbon tax under a government I pretend to lead

Via Andrew Bolt, sabotaging Josh Frydenberg. The story: Josh Frydenberg in the deep freeze as Coalition colleagues overheat. What does any of this have to do with Frydenberg since it is universally understood that Malcolm is a global warming loon. If this is true, then they are all as stupid as each other:

Josh Frydenberg’s ministerial colleagues are blaming him for derailing the government’s ­energy price campaign against Labor and embarrassing Malcolm Turnbull by contravening a cabinet decision to keep the climate policy review “low key”.

What does the word “low key” mean? Low key is only low key if no one pays any attention to what you said. If they think Frydenberg is the problem, then they are the problem. And to be specific, it is Malcolm who is the problem. Until he goes, the problems will continue, as voters drift off to find someone with a bit of common sense to vote for.

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