Open borders wasn’t such a good idea after all

Our political elites are so stupid and vile it is hard to imagine how we ended up with these people making our collective decisions. None of the damage they do is ever visited on themselves but there is plenty to go around for the rest of us. So we get this, although far far too late: ‘DON’T COME HERE!’ Merkel migrant U-turn as Germany orders EU to SEND BACK boats to Africa. The first line.

ANGELA Merkel today performed an extraordinary U-turn on mass migration as Germany ordered the EU to begin turning back boats full of asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean.

You can read it all at the link. But the real point is how stupidly incompetent these people are, incapable of understanding the obvious even when it’s right before their eyes. She has brought ruin to the European continent which will not survive her idiotic vandalism other than as a physical location.

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