Politics as the art of the inconceivable

Julie Bishop’s judgement is, as usual, bottom shelf. Having deposed Tony and instrumental in bringing in Malcolm, today’s AFR headline front page: Bishop warns on Trump. Is it her or her department of analytical morons? Trump has had virtually the entire military endorse him for president, at least those who are able to speak in public. So what’s Julie’s concern?

In her most forthright commentary yet on the US election, Ms Bishop appeared to back Hillary Clinton, whose campaign has been rattled anew by a fresh probe into emails she kept on a private server.

“US engagement in our region is important for us,” Ms Bishop told the ABC. “I believe that will continue under Hillary Clinton.

“It will be up to our region, including Australia, to persuade a Trump administration to focus on the Asia-Pacific.”

Ms Bishop talked up Ms Clinton’s regional credentials, describing her as the architect of Barak Obama’s famous pivot towards the Asia-Pacific region.

“She sees the US as having a global leadership role,” Ms Bishop said. “Candidate Donald Trump does not. He sees the US as having got a raw deal from globalisation and he would focus more on domestic matters.”

She has seen Hillary’s foreign policy judgement in action along with Obama’s and wants her to become president to replace the current disaster. There is a level of density here that defies explanation.

Meanwhile there is a bit of turmoil going on in the US which this might help to clarify: BREAKING TIES: Obama is Now Throwing Hillary Under the Bus. If so, anything is now possible. See the chart below which is from the article:


To which there is this to add.hillary-rush

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