“There is no third option, there is no compromise, there is no sitting out the election”

Speaking of political idiots, this has just come my way which might help some see things more clearly: Conservative leaders step up for Trump, warn of a “Clinton Progressive Police State”. If the title doesn’t make you see the point, perhaps the introduction to the publication will:

Longtime conservative maven Richard Viguerie has produced an instant publication for these final, frantic days before the election, consisting of essays penned by a group of 18 conservative leaders who include Brent Bozell, Gary Bauer, Jerry Falwell Jr., Craig Shirley, Joseph Farah, David Keene and James Dobson.

Mr. Viguerie says the compilation is meant to “attack the idea that not voting for Donald Trump somehow advances conservative principles.” The 25-page booklet is titled “Hail Hillary: Is a Clinton-Progressive Police State in America’s Future?”

Interesting. Some in GOP circles seem to suggest there’s virtue in shunning Mr. Trump.

“Hail Hillary is a cannonball through the doors of the ivory towers of those conservative who continue to obdurately claim that a Hillary Clinton presidency might not be that bad, that the country can recover after four or eight years, and that her policies won’t be aimed at marginalizing, if not outlawing, the conservative worldview,” says Mr. Viguerie.

“This is now a binary choice: Donald Trump and Mike Pence vs. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. In this battle there is only the victory or defeat of constitutional liberty and the rule of law. In this battle there is no third option, there is no compromise, there is no sitting out the election. I’m all in for Trump and Pence.”

Anyone who cannot see the difference a Trump administration would make in comparison with an administration led by Hillary is so out of it politically that there is never any further reason to pay attention to a thing they say about the great issues of our time.

Meanwhile if LIQ wants to make out the case for four years of Hillary, he is more than welcome to try. Not some link to someone else, but in his own words. As for the case against in my previous post, he ought to have gone to my link to the post by Publius Decius Mus where it is all spelt out. If LIQ can provide an answer to PDM based on conservative principles, international fame awaits.

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