Our business leaders speak out

This is the story heading Business bosses slam Pauline Hanson ‘divisive’ speech and this is what it’s about:

The nation’s business leaders have blasted the “divisive and intolerant” rhetoric coming from federal parliament in the wake of Pauline Hanson’s claim that Australia was being “swamped” by Muslims, sending a message to others to speak out against the new senator.

Chief executives from more than 120 of the country’s biggest companies are backing the call to “set the right tone” in the debate over religion or immigration, days after a dispute over the welcome given to Senator Hanson after her contentious remarks.

It is therefore interesting to read the ten “top comments” on the story.

(1) It’s at last good to see that Senator Hanson is getting a reaction from our business and political readers which is just what we all want. Well done Pauline. Now, perhaps we will see if they have the gumption to initiate an open an honest debate on religion and immigration in this secular country of ours. Everything should be on the table including Sharia Law, Halal certification, polygamy, under age marriages, FGM, enclaves, lessons to be learnt from European and other countries with significant Muslim populations. We need to closely look at cause and effect of Muslim immigration. Bring it all on as we desperately need this debate now for the sake of future generations.

(2) “Chief executives from more than 120 of the country’s biggest companies are backing the call to “set the right tone” in the debate over religion or immigration”. Yet when the ALP and Greens want to push high tax, spend and anti-business policies all you here is the sound of crickets chirping. If CEO’s saved their passions for issues that impact shareholders instead of trendy and progressive distractions they would better earn their large salaries.

(3) It’s begun again. The demonisation of Pauline Hanson. The ABC and Fairfax have their co-agenda of ridicule and hatred in place and have begun delivering it. Religious leaders, particularly Christian ones whose pews are becoming emptier and emptier each week, are quick to damn her and her followers. And now, somewhat surprisingly, the Business Council. My guess is their latest outbursts do not reflect the views of the majority of their members. A bit like the AMA went for some years under leftist leadership.

(4) I’m sure all these members of the BCA live near the mosque at Lakemba or in Dandenong and have lived in the middle east to experience the “rich” islamic culture and the barbarism that goes with it! These are the people who earn more in bonuses each rear than the average person can save in a lifetime. How dare they speak for us! You either believe in free speech or you don’t.

(5) I don’t personally agree with all of Senator Hanson’s comments, but I’m absolutely shocked that at last the business ‘leadership’ of our country has finally said something. The modern management era in Australia is well and truly deserved of Mr Husic’s Spineless Award. I’ve had a Laryngectomy and my voice box was removed, as has the voices of our wimpish business leaders.

“We support a culture of free speech and parliamentarians ­expressing their views. However, we note that freedom of speech within democratic debate is only constructive when it is balanced by the responsibility of others to speak up when they disagree,” the BCA said.

So why don’t you speak out to support tax cuts, the ABCC, Union governance, productivity reforms, etc.? Why do you only support social issues such as Same Sex Marriage, Gender Diversity and the like? Why do you allow those who advocate the social causes you support to call those who oppose them “bigots”, “homophobes”and the like. Whilst their is nothing wrong with these issues, they are a far cry from business specific priorities and returns to your employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Time you guys (deliberate use of that word) found your spine and voice box.

(6) Many of these people who call themselves business leaders are busy getting it all mixed up with positive discrimination and other useless causes. They can be seen talking about celebrity causes with their mates in the elite classes at Davos. Stuff like climate change with George and all those flying in on private jets. These are the people that love the EU and caused Brexit. You know them, always pontificating when they never get down to the lower levels. Never being seen in anything less than the Chairmans lounge or business class. Always agreeing on new forums to mix in and say the same things they did last year in a different way.

I will not invest in any company led by the above types. They always end up being bled with huge salaries not earned but gouged from others by their leaders. They are not in touch with their customers and end up in trouble like a certain huge retailer whose staff played the books.

Hanson learned more about life, hard work and community in the fish and chip shop in outer suburban Ipswich that these people ever will.

(7) These self styled business leaders who have turned into latter day PC advocates can go and jump in the proverbial lake. We are not going to take elitist lecturing from main party politicians and we won’t take it from elitist business leaders either.

Why don’t you people go and get a tailor made cardboard box and sleep rough again just to sympathise with the homeless experience you ignore for the rest of the year.

Hypocritical silver tails who they know better than anyone else. These idiots are as bad as union bosses. They have too much money and influence. I fear they are turning into maniac greens.

(8) “Chief executives from more than 120 of the country’s biggest companies are backing the call to “set the right tone” in the debate over religion or immigration, ”

Who are they? You have a consumer base. You have employer base. You have shareholder base.

Ultimatey, you have your local constituency to answer to. Explain how you provide emploment opportunities, harmonise the woriforxe,deal with radixals, etc etc.

Do you have answers?

(9) those business leaders are most likely among the elites, their common sense is out of touch with ordinary people like their salary package

(10) Name your business sir and we will boycott for your blindness and lack of savvy.

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