Understanding the world we are in

The original post on The Flight 93 Election was exceptional, and if you haven’t read it yet, you should read it now. The writer, who goes under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus, has written a follow-up which is even better. Because of the wide circulation of the original, it attracted an immense amount of criticism from all the right sorts of people. He titles his follow-up, Restatement on Flight 93 in which he picks up the various criticisms of the first article and replies to them one by one in ascending order of importance. This is where the second article leads, but all of it should be read:

If Hillary wins, there will still be a country, in the sense of a geographic territory with a people, a government, and various institutions. Things will mostly look the same, just as—outwardly—Rome changed little on the ascension of Augustus. It will not be tyranny or Caesarism—not yet. But it will represent, in my view, an irreversible triumph for the administrative state. Consider that no president has been denied reelection since 1992. If we can’t beat the Democrats now, what makes anyone think we could in 2020, when they will have all the advantages of incumbency plus four more years of demographic change in their favor? And if we can’t win in 2016 or 2020, what reason is there to hope for 2024? Will the electorate be more Republican? More conservative? Will constitutional norms be stronger?

The country will go on, but it will not be a constitutional republic. It will be a blue state on a national scale. Only one party will really matter. A Republican may win now and again—once in a generation, perhaps—but only a neutered one who has “updated” all his positions so as to be more in tune with the new electorate. I.e., who has done exactly what the Left has for years been concern-trolling us to do: move left and become more like them. Yet another irony: the “conservatives” who object to Trump as too liberal are working to guarantee that only a Republican far more liberal than Trump could ever win the presidency again.

It is a depressing article but what do you know that makes what he describes seem anything other than the most likely outcome we face? But what continues to get me is not just the outright lying but the willingness throughout the media to lie on her behalf, which is followed by an exceptional willingness to accept these media lies as the good-enough truth. People want to feel good about themselves, and don’t wish to see they are supporting a corrupt and dishonest whose only principle is never to tell the truth.

The incredible defensive formation within the media following Hillary becoming ill is amazing, since its dishonesty is unmistakeable. These are lies designed only for those who do not wish to face the truth and need comfort rather than facts. When it really comes down to it, who’d have thought that 1984 was an instruction manual? I thought I would have a look at what the papers said about Hillary’s health just to see how it was discussed, but I have to say I did think it would be discussed. To my astonishment, there was not a single negative word about the entire episode in The Herald Sun, The Age or The Australian. The blogs, moreover, have been virtually wiped clean of any such mention even in those few instances where it was mentioned at all. Hillary falling ill has been a one-day wonder, allowed to be mentioned, it seems, only because the video evidence could not be suppressed, at least not on the net. A spot of pneumonia which she will be over in a tick and that is that, unless it was dehydration. Here are the mentions from what are now yesterday’s papers.

In The Australian:

Hillary Clinton says she feels better after falling ill at a 9/11 memorial ceremony, insisting she never lost consciousness and that her pneumonia diagnosis was too insignificant to disclose before hand.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an anti-Trump story, nothing finer than Trump for dummies: hes’s immoral, dangerous and anti-conservative [the headline found in the paper but not online].

From The Age:

Put enough nonsense out there and some of it might just collide with a fact – and thats what happened on Sunday when Hillary Clinton’s apparent kerbside collapse in New York became a video that can be run as an endless loop with internet claims about every real and imagine ailment that must surely disqualify her from the presidency.

The Herald-Sun ran a mini-story on page 2 under the heading Clinton Health Scramble, but really, that so-called right of centre columnist, Rita Panahi, put it perfectly under the heading “Hillary can’t handle her own truth”. The point is that because Hillary is such an inveterate liar whose word can never be trusted, she gets caught out on those odd occasions when she is actually telling the truth:

Despite the myriad conspiracy theories about her health issues it is possible that she is perfectly healthy and that the occasional episode of ill-health are normal for a 68-year-old woman taking part in a gruelling campaign.”

That she might actually be ill, as well as ill-prepared to be president, there is not a word. But just to remind you what we read yesterday on Drudge, where, I might note, there is no follow-up of any kind today. Here is yesterday’s news which has really, for all practical purposes, disappeared.

Clinton Admits She Has Passed Out ‘A Few Times’…
Can’t Remember…
Campaign Avoided ER To Conceal Details of Medical Treatment…
Allies grow angry over secrecy…
Three blood clots, a concussion, deep vein thrombosis…

If even a tenth of this applied to Trump, the stories would be all front page and endless. Amazing to have seen how the coverage went. Interesting to understand the times in which we live. Here is the video one more time which you can look at until it finally also disappears for good.

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