Comedy: you need to find the line and then cross it

Kelly Carlin, Rain Pryor, and Kitty Bruce are the daughters of the godfathers of comedy.

Their fathers, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Lenny Bruce, shaped the stand-up comedy you hear today. If you listen to any of their routines and none of them surprise you, it’s because they influenced every comedian who came later.

In this exclusive interview with FIRE, the daughters speak out for the first time together about their fathers and the censorship fights that all three comedy legends combatted in their quests to stay true to their art.

An audio version of the interview can be heard on FIRE’s “So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast” at:


This exclusive interview is part of FIRE’s campaign to defend comedy and free speech on campus. To support this campaign and to learn more about the FIRE-supported documentary “Can We Take a Joke?”, visit here.

And though this is not entirely the same thing, there is a lot of truth in this: The media wasn’t prepared to handle sarcasm from a candidate.

The idea that someone running for office could regularly engage in sarcasm or even some off color language or jokes is so foreign to the political media that they feel obligated to treat obvious sarcasm as if it was a serious policy proposal. And in reality, it’s not much of an “obligation” to deal with because it helps them continue the narrative and paint Trump as some sort of out of control monster.

It is part of how dense the left really is. It is part of how Trump deals with the media. He may unfortunately be unique in that he is not intimidated at all by what the media write. It is certainly a major point of difference, and is perhaps a major point of strength, but only time will tell.

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