Hillary’s America – it’s closer than you think

At Rotten Tomatoes Hillary’s America is 5% among the critics and 82% among the audience. Here is a link to the only positive review listed. It begins:

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is a searing, powerful and persuasive exposé on the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Just like in America: Imagine the World Without Her, director Dinesh D’Souza re-examines American history and highlights the facts that should make you horrified and alarmed if you’re a critically-thinking individual. Yes, you might find yourself in denial at first, but denial is a crucial and natural step in the process of coming to terms with a harsh truth. D’Souza includes some re-enactments and archival footage which help to enliven the film so that it’s not just a bunch of talking heads. The fact that D’Souza remains calm and collected, unlike Michael Moore, throughout the film, is a testament to his strengths as a documentarian and investigator. Did you know that it was actually the Democratic Party was racist the Civil War? Or that the “hood” or “ghettos” are essentially the modern versions of plantations? In other words, the Democratic Party is still just as racist now as it was back in the Civil War, but Democrats, will, of course, deny their racism. Did you know that the KKK originated from the Democratic Party and its members were Democrats themselves? Or how about that Planned Parenthood is mostly found in areas where minorities can be found is a form of eugenics started by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood? Hillary Clinton just so happens to consider Margaret Sanger to be a role model. D’Souza explains something that you ought to know about Hillary: her mentor was writer Saul Alinksy who began scamming people early on in his college days by ripping off his school’s cafeteria while convincing others to take part in the scams as well. That scam serves as a microcosm of what Hillary Clinton plans to do in our country.

And on it goes. The 95% who hate this film are Democrat Operatives with Bylines, and these are merely film critics. The political commentators are worse. Whether we end up seeing it in Australia, it is worth noting that Box Office: Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Hillary’s America’ Becomes Top Grossing Doc of 2016. Fighting the left is a continuous ongoing uphill battle.

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