Focusing on the small stuff

Reading the puppet columnists at The Australian – you know the ones, for example, who went after Tony Abbott on orders from their boss – is a trial that too often starts the day on the wrong foot. Here we have that empty vessel, Greg Sheridan going after Melania Trump’s speech writer for cribbing a passage from Michelle Obama. At least it wasn’t the passage where Michelle had said she was for the first time proud to be an American. So as we decide the fate of Western civilisation, this is what Sheridan writes: US Republican race: Donald Trump circus adds plagiarism to act. From which:

There were the rowdy demonstrations from anti-Trump ­Republicans, the powerful theme of Make America Safe Again, a stage entry from The Donald himself straight out of World Championship Wrestling, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani doing his version of “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Gunna Take It Anymore”, and Melania Trump plagiarising her cliches from ­Michelle Obama. I didn’t know that anyone would bother to plagiarise cliches. After all, they’re cliches, right?

Given that Sheridan is repeating the identical meme from the left-media in the US, you can see how useless his analysis is going to be for the rest of the American presidential election. Nothing on Guiliani, for example. So for your interest, here is his speech which you will learn nothing about from reading The Oz.

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