Election advice from The Age and SMH

If you don’t think the fix is in, you should read the editorial today in The Age. It begins:

Voting requires a leap of faith, a trust in candidates and parties to deliver on policies and potential. And when Australians go to the ballot boxes on Saturday, there is an added layer of faith required in voting for the Coalition – that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will stamp his authority as a progressive leader on a party whose hardline conservatives have somewhat shackled him since he replaced their champion, Tony Abbott.

But, on balance, that is the leap The Age believes voters should make. Although there is disappointment about Mr Turnbull’s performance, and notwithstanding the unexpectedly robust recovery Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has staged, there is not a sufficient case to take the rare and disruptive step of removing a federal government after only one term.

And just in case you missed it in The Age, here is the concluding para in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Given the choice between a Coalition led by the socially progressive economic reformer Mr Turnbull, and a Shorten-led Labor party backed by reform-resistant unions, we support the election of a Turnbull government.

What else is there to to know? Vote accordingly.

FURTHER THOUGHTS: A stray comment picked up by Tim Blair.

Another senior Right MP said there were “swings to Labor everywhere’’ and claimed “Albo’s people are doing their best to reduce the number of seats Bill can win”.

There are some who normally vote Liberal who are trying to lose to Labor while there are those who are normally Labor trying to lose to the Libs. Daniel Andrews taking on the Volunteer Firefighters in Victoria makes no sense if you are trying to preserve votes for the ALP but makes incredible sense if your aim is to have Albanese-Plibersek ready for 2019. And weirdly, with all the help the Libs are getting from Labor, Malcolm is still only 50.5 to 49.5 according to The Oz today. Even with all the left media and the left of the ALP doing all they can, Malcolm is still only just marginally ahead of 50-50.

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