Is it possible to be too cynical in politics?

We shall see what Brexit means to this modern generation even among those who supported it. When it comes to politics one can never be too cynical. See below.

From John Derbyshire:

@hen Britain is at last out of the EU, will her leaders finally get control over Third World immigration? It’s by no means certain.

Following the announcement by Prime Minister David Cameron that he will resign, there is speculation that he’ll be replaced by Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London, who campaigned for Brexit.

Well, it’s nice that Johnson helped to make Brexit happen. But on immigration in general, he apparently favors open borders. When Mayor of London he made gushing speeches about what a gorgeous ethnic tapestry the city has become. [Boris Johnson’s acceptance speech after being declared mayor of London, The Guardian, May 3, 2008]

We must now wait upon events.

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