See EU later – they’re out

brexit headlines

The papers of the left – the Mirror and Guardian – clearly wanted to stay while The Times stayed neutral. The rest wanted to leave. A definite left-right split.

And on the morning after? Listening to the BBC commentary, it is Labour and the Greens who are most downcast while it is the UKIP and the Tories who are obviously pleased beyond measure, although David Cameron might be in a spot of bother. Listenting to the grizzling on the BBC, the left even admits how hard it is to get medical services or to buy housing but just think they ought to increase medical service and have built more houses without a thought to the migration that had been a big part of the problem. And, of course, Obama wanted the UK to remain, so add that to the total.

And while they are different parts of the Anglosphere, the results do have a bearing on the American presidential election, and even on our own. National sovereignty still matters.

No comments here, but continue on the main Brexit thread.

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