Bolt on Sky

I never watch television with the only exception I used to make was the Bolt Report on Sunday mornings. But then Bolt switched to Sky on weekdays @ 7:00 pm which meant I would get home too late, and I don’t anyway like to find myself shifting my timetable to fit into what’s on when. And although I can video, other than an occasional ball game of some sort, the main reason I have videoed things in the past is so that I could happily miss them and not worry about it when the program was finally deleted unwatched a month later.

But here it is. I now do watch Bolt most days. I find I get home that half hour sooner so that I can watch the program in real time. So let me note this from Bolt:

The audience for this difficult 7pm to 8pm time slot on pay TV (note: not taxpayer-subsidised free-to-air) was once very tiny. When I took over less than two months ago, it rose to the 20,000 Barry claims.

But since then we’ve grown, with your very welcome support. On at least two days last week, we topped 50,000 viewers. The word is getting out and, clearly, some people appreciate the alternative enough to pay to watch it. If Barry cares to test his own pulling power, I am sure Sky News will offer him a slot, too.

Well, part of that rise is the two of us, and we usually make it through to the end. If you can watch, that is, if you have cable, you should when you can. It’s the only current affairs on TV worth the effort, not that I watch any other so perhaps I am being unfair, though I doubt it.

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