Have you changed your views on Tony yet, Janet?

A few words about that editorial-page dill, Janet Albrechtsen. She had an article yesterday on Shut down the sheiks who incite violence by Muslims. She, you must recall, was one of those who harped on the need to rid ourselves of Tony Abbott and replace him with Malcolm. So this is what she wrote on the weekend:

Three fundamental failures rooted in politics, law and culture have led the West to a dangerous inflexion point in relation to the way we use words in the terrorism space. Politically, we fail to discuss the critical issue of the relationship between Islam and terrorism. Legally, we have laws that fail to prosecute those who incite murderous violence. Culturally, we have created a system of competitive victimhood, where people vie for victimhood status, become infantilised by a bevy of laws and concomitant social diktats about what can and cannot be said.

OK Janet, who’s going to undo these failures? Which political leaders, either here or in the US, will do what they can to reverse these trends? Who is more serious, Tony or Malcolm? I have to say that I am sick of the commentariat class who know what they want and can write it all down but have no clue whatsoever what it takes to actually achieve a political end. My irritation at reading her junk views on this and that knows almost no bounds.

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