Stating the obvious on Obama and ISIS

obama islamic terrorism denial

And he’s not alone on his side of the aisle: Just 29% Of Democrats Say Orlando Was An Islamic Terror Attack. With that in mind, read Caroline Glick on Obama and the Moderate Muslims. Here are the questions she asks:

How can enforcing ignorance of a problem help you to solve it? How does refusing to call out the Islamic extremists that Islamic moderates like the Green revolutionaries and Sisi risk their lives to fight weaken them? How does empowering jihad apologists from CAIR and MPAC help moderate, anti-jihad American Muslims who currently have no voice in Obama’s White House?

We will add this, CIA Chief Contradicts Obama On ISIS Threat, Warns Of Intensified Terror Campaign, but the unmentionable point is made by these and a thousand other articles and tens of thousands of other acts.

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