Fox Camel News Network

This was from Carol in the comments on Facing reality.

In the reaction to this tragedy on some American blogs, I saw more than one comment, in relation to spin about this story on the Fox news channel, that some wealthy Saudi Arabian mogul had recently bought a large share in News Corp. Could this possibly be true? I didn’t see exactly when beyond recent, but, if true, it would be interesting to know, because it might have a bearing on The Australian coming across as more leftish of late?

Remember about the last capitalist selling the rope that will be used to hang him. Read on. This is what I have since found out. Just read through this story, Saudis Influencing Fox News and then this one, Fox News Channel unbalanced by Saudi influence, both by Diana West, because it is certain to be the only time you will see this mentioned ever again.

And then make your plans accordingly.

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