Nazis thought they were nice people too


Via Instapundit where we find this in the comments:

F–k Godwin’s Law-
I hate nazis.
That is what they are. Wondering how many of them are paid by a guy who worked for the nazis.

BTW do you know who he means by the “guy who worked for the nazis”? A genuine possibility. More of the story from The Guardian: Protesters attack Trump supporters, as Trump calls for Clinton to ‘go to jail’

Inside the rally, the presumptive Republican nominee for president responded to a fiery speech earlier in the day by his main rival, Hillary Clinton, in which she lambasted him as “ temperamentally unfit” to be president and castigated his “thin skin”.

Trump struck out at Clinton, attacking her on her email controversy, saying: “I will say this: Hillary Clinton has to go to jail.”

It really is the White House or the Big House.

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