What is literally never in the news

The video is from a Roger Simon post titled, Trump States the Obvious about the Press, that they select what to include and what to leave out. Bias is inevitable, but the dangers come when you can see what is left out. The video above ought to be news but nowhere is. This is the text that comes with the video:

Published on May 31, 2016
Muslim savages turn Paris into war zone, again. France. May 31, 2016. Just another day in your neighborhood with your Muslim sub-animal neighbors. As usual, there is a complete media blackout about the events from the despicably dishonest, corrupted, traitorous, Sharia compliant mainstream media, while the equally corrupted, traitorous, Sharia compliant government officials (Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, François Hollande, President of France, and their counterparts David Cameron from U.K., Angela Merkel from Germany, etc.) continue flapping their oral sphincter and diarrhea of the mouth about Islamofauxbia and denying the existence of Islamic “no-go zones” or (called “zones urbaines sensibles” in French, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/world…) while in reality, there are now 751 of those, and counting, keeping the true citizens in the dark until the very last minutes their heads are on the chopping blocks while the corrupted traitors themselves prepared for their own sound exits with stuffed coffers of bribed petrodollars from the Islamofascists Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Yemen, etc., just like the 9-11 terrorists’ taqiyya telling airline passengers that they would be ok and alive as long as they conform to the terrorists’ orders (we all know how that ended), or like ISIS’s taqiyya telling the victims in orange jumpsuits that they would be alive, so that they would appear calm on camera until the minutes their heads are sawed off. The same traitors dhimmis morons (David Cameron) engages in endless, meaningless debates condemning truth sayers like Donald Trump, Geert Wilders and blocking their entries into U.K while their countries are being overrun by Muslim sub-animals flying ISIS flags, with cities after cities falling into Muzzy hands (London-istan now with Muslim terrorist as mayor). There would likely be bloodbath and civil wars, if the non-Muslim citizens refuse to pay jizya (Islamic tax that imposed on non-Muslims for the right to live under Sharia compliant Muslim society) and want to live. Whether that would happen now when the population of Muslim sub-animals in most Western societies are still in single digit, or later when it becomes much greater, the choice is clear. “Je suis Charlie”, “Je suis Paris”, “Je suis Brussels”, “Je suis London”, “Je suis Madrid”, soon to be “Je suis Berlin”, “Je suis Washington D.C.”, etc. while the bought out, corrupted dhimmis announced climate control as the most serious national security threats. Vote Trump.

The question he is asking is why does only Trump ask the media not just to report the news honestly but to actually report what is going on. The same point is made by Andrew Klavan:

Many of the Republican candidates defeated by Donald Trump — and Ted Cruz, who is fighting a last-ditch battle against him — have complained that the news media created the Trump candidacy with (Cruz’s words) “hundreds of millions of dollars of free advertising.” That seems to me half true. The news media did give the odious Donald a boost, but they did it by spewing such a ceaseless fume of left-wing lies that Trump’s simplistic nonsense, by comparison, sounds like “telling it like it is.”

The charge that the news media is biased toward Democrats is an old one, but only because the truth of it is so ludicrously apparent. When the chief anchor of ABC News is a former Clinton operative, when the best investigative reporter at CBS News had to quit because the network wouldn’t run her stories about Obama’s malfeasance, when the former anchor at NBC News actually bowed to Obama like a courtier to a king, Andrew Breitbart’s accusation that we’re dealing with a “Democrat-Media Complex” seems much too polite.

To some extent, the ideological corruption of our press is an outgrowth of the shattered American political consensus. As our politics has become more European and extreme, so our media has become more European and partisan. It is a shame, however, that news outlets should skew so entirely to one side, that fifty percent of the country should find itself insulted, coerced and lied to on a daily basis.

Why criticise Trump for this is beyond me. As the data on Confidence in Institutions shows, newspapers are near the bottom of the list and TV news is even lower.

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