The vision thing

Let me ask you this. Is the following headline in today’s Oz pro-Labor or anti?

Labor veteran brands Shorten ‘anti-business’

My take from the debate last night was that Malcolm offered sound corporate advice leading to a strong economy and economic growth, while Shorten offered the promise of a just and fair society in which the government will do what it can to ensure equity as well as a strong economy. Malcolm sounded like a CEO speaking to the board. On only one issue did he come out ahead, and that was on stopping the boats. As for the rest, nothing he said made me think he understood that there are moral issues involved in leadership. The Government must stand for something. Even in his ridiculous concern with global warming, his approach is in the form of a cost-benefit study, rather than as a transcendent view of a better world with kindness to Gaia at its core. You may think that is even more ridiculous, but you won’t touch the Labor-Green vote unless you take that approach.

It therefore doesn’t surprise me to see there has been “a significant slump in support [for the Government] in the key election battlegrounds”. I just have to hope that Shorten really means it when he says Labor will protect our borders, because if Labor wins, the boats will start coming again.

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