Practical politics and political opinion

It is a fact that both Charles Murray and Jonah Goldberg have left me frigidly cold in almost everything they have written. I stopped reading both years ago and am not surprised to find that Goldberg had invented the #NeverTrump tag. Now Murray has lined up in the same way. And here in a single sentence he captures everything that is wrong with #NeverTrump:

While I am already on record with my sympathy for the grievances that energize many of Trump’s supporters, I am thinking about writing a book that is even more explicitly sympathetic with those grievances.

He has sympathy for such grievances and what does he intend to do: write a book. For some of us – me included – that is the best we can do. But for some of us, but not the #NeverTrump bozos, we are grateful that ever so often someone comes along who can turn our concerns into a practical political outcome. That Donald Trump is somewhat more risky than some others because he has never actually held office so has no record in dealing with political situations is a valid concern. But after that, you just have to look at what he says he wants to do, which are congruent with what he has said all his adult life. Meanwhile Murray writes:

In my view, Donald Trump is unfit to be president in ways that apply to no other candidate of the two major political parties throughout American history.

So therefore Hillary. Let us therefore go to the specifics as outlined:

But it’s worse than that. It’s not that Trump makes strategic decisions about what useful untruths he will tell on any given day — it looks as if he just makes up stuff as he goes along. Many of his off-the-cuff fictions are substantively unimportant: He says Rex Ryan won championships when he coached the New York Jets, when he didn’t.

You know, that being the first example of an untruth that came to mind portrays such a trivial mind that he ought to be embarrassed to the final degree by even bringing it up. But let them all reveal themselves and let their names be recorded. The list of political commentators we can forever ignore just keeps getting longer.

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