Communications advice to the Great Communicator

I thought Malcolm’s strongest feature was as the Great Communicator. So why this now from Robert Gottliebsen: How Malcolm Turnbull can lift his media game. This is the message he wishes to convey:

Turnbull’s failure to sell his message is hurting his campaign, he’ll need to sharpen the script if he wants to cut through.

The problem is that it’s not “his message” but Tony’s. Nevertheless, Gottliebsen seeks to offer advice:

Given Bill Shorten knows the electronic media game backwards and forwards, there is an uneven contest. It’s no surprise that Shorten is winning in the opinion polls.

I realised that Turnbull does not know the secret of communicating on radio as I replayed yesterday’s interview with Alan Jones.

I have been around the radio game for many decades, so, with respect Mr. Prime Minister, let me give you a few hints.

I’m afraid, at this stage, it is all instinct. All you can do is let Malcolm be Malcolm in getting Tony’s message out and hope for the best.

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