A little test you can try at home

Scott Adams – that’ right, Dilbert’s Scott Adams – on About those policy details. It is Trump’s policy details he had in mind, but the issue is no doubt universal in democracies if the argument is actually valid:

Here’s a little test you can try at home. In your mind, divide your friends and coworkers into two groups. One group understands a lot about making business decisions and one group has no business experience. Ask each of them individually this question:

How much detail should Trump provide on his policies?

A. Lots of detail so we know exactly what he plans to do.

B. We only need the big picture now because the details will be negotiated later, and the environment will change by then. Also, presidents have access to better advice and information than candidates.

I predict that your most experienced friends and coworkers will choose B. Let me know in the comments how it goes.

By the time I got to it, there were 3651 comments.

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