One more “conservative” to scratch off my list

There are so many people who have discredited themselves in my eyes as representatives of the right, and conservatism in particular, that by the time this election season is over, there will be virtually no one left I trust.

Now it is Daniel Hannan who has entered the fray. He takes the pose of an above-it-all intellectual, too pure to endorse the far from perfect Donald Trump. He has published a brief note on The real reason Donald Trump is unfit to be president. And here is the reason:

The real disqualification, from a conservative point of view, is Trump’s refusal to recognize that he is aspiring to an office bigger than he is.

Well la dee dah. Now aren’t we being precious. In fact, it is worse than that. He is off with the pixies in thinking that there is some kind of fastidious approach in which politics ends can be accomplished without strength of character and a hardline approach to getting one’s own way rather than another being allowed to get their way. If Hannan weren’t so famous as a torch bearer for the right, you could ignore him. In fact, from now on I will feel he can be safely ignored.

In the meantime let me repeat his various arguments, which amount to absolutely nothing at all. I might add, that I also don’t think he is right about a single thing he says. And for such a short article the number of false analogies is astonishing. A comparison of any of these with the likes of Hillary shows a blindness that is quite remarkable.

“He is a narcissistic, thin-skinned bully, a serial liar, a man who shows not the slightest respect for the office to which he aspires.”

“Next to his moral unsuitability, the fact that he is bad news for conservatives seems almost trivial. It’s not his big-government protectionism that ought to bar him from high office. It’s not even the way in which he will undo decades of progress and taint the Republicans once again with xenophobia.”

“This isn’t about Hillary. It’s about defending the republic from a candidate who is hostile to its foundational values.”

“Donald Trump is inimical to the core Republican values of personal freedom, limited government, enterprise and a patriotic foreign policy.”

“I say only one thing with absolute certainty: Don’t vote for an unfit candidate simply because you dislike another unfit candidate. Doing so makes you complicit. It means endorsing one of two amoral, power-hungry people who would very probably ignore their oath of office.”

“As Vaclav Havel used to say in Czechoslovakia, living under a Communist regime doesn’t mean that you have to legitimize it. A citizen can still retain his or her integrity by refusing to vote for the approved list, refusing to display party posters, refusing to repeat official slogans. And integrity matters. Indeed, at present, it’s pretty much all that American conservatives have left. For the love of God, cousins, don’t throw it away.”

Conservatives understand that perfection is not found in human affairs and one must work with the tools one has at hand. Hannan is one more pompous fool whose lack of judgement explains why he has failed to rise among the British Conservative Party. How is this for a rounded full-on idiocy?

“Is Trump any worse than Hillary?” isn’t just setting the bar absurdly low; it’s also the wrong question. The right question is, “Is Donald Trump fit to be president?” And the answer must surely be, “No.”

Look, stupid. The only question is which one of these two you prefer to the other. It is infuriating to read such stuff. I guess I will have to wait another 25 years for Trump to have become the perfect representation of conservative thought, which will finally occur, as it has with Reagan today, when there is someone else trying to disturb the establishment of the time that is yet to be, and the usual suspects are lamenting there is no one like Donald Trump around any more.

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