A case study of a Trump supporter who works for the Murdoch press

If you work for Murdoch, them’s the rules. You cannot support Donald Trump for president. So let us see how Tim Blair gets around it.

A number of friends and many readers are fans of Donald Trump. That’s OK. I understand his appeal, even if he’s a fraud. Although it’s true that he does sometimes make the right calls:

Donald Trump on Friday picked a prominent climate change skeptic to help him craft his energy policy and pushed back against renewed calls that he release his income tax returns — saying his tax rate is “none of your business.”

But for Melbourne-based artist and writer Aubrey Perry, support for Trump is an absolute deal-breaker. This applies even when Trump’s supporters are her parents:

I’d known for a while that my mum was open to the idea of Trump as her candidate. My dad has been a Trump supporter from the beginning. But I’ve lived in Australia for the past seven years. They live in the US. We text and Facebook with each other, but we don’t discuss politics.

And I don’t use Twitter much. But, wow. My mum does. I recently checked her Twitter page for the first time in a while and was shocked

I was shocked.

I told her so. Publicly. Finally. I wrote back, “Your Twitter feed makes me disappointed and embarrassed of you as a person, a supposed critical thinker, and my mother. Shocked.”

Here’s her mother’s Twitter page. It isn’t shocking at all. It’s just the opinions of someone who happens to be very enthusiastic about a certain presidential candidate. Yet this has led Aubrey to denounce her family as racists and to “sever all ties with my parents as long as they promote these ideologies of hate and xenophobia”.

A reminder to Aubrey, who is evidently a Clinton backer: Hillary attended Trump’s wedding. Shocked!

But do go to her mother’s twitter page and you will find a quite nicely put and succinct summary of why sensible people support Trump and abominate Hillary. Lots to see, but this one I liked best, specially in this context:

women for trump

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