Repeal 18c anyone?

The previous post is about someone who supposedly taught his dog to do a Nazi salute. He has been arrested in Scotland and it seemed pretty funny, both the idea and then the arrest. The story is, however, much more interesting than that. LeoG has rounded up the original video which you can watch here (which has had more than a million views). It is not as vile as it could possibly be, but it is in the upper reaches.

I won’t put it right up on the blog but you can watch it for yourself. This is the very speech we seek to protect, not because we wish to have such things said in public, but because we are more endangered by anyone having the right to stop us from having our say about anything. Yet there is also little doubt that there would be many people – there are many people – who agree that such kinds of racist statements have no business in any society, never mind a multicultural society in which many races, religions and nationalities must get along.

It is also interesting that the story that I reprinted in full did not even hint at what was so vile about the video and why he had been arrested. So the original question remains, but with a very different temperature given the very different circumstances: Repeal 18c anyone?

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