A great day for Western civilisation, was it?

I realise if you are part of the Murdoch press, these independent columnists, these frank speakers of truth to power, are ever so often under instruction to take a particular line. So who do you suppose Greg Sheridan was speaking of when he wrote this:

The best day for Western ­civilisation since the beginning of the primary season.

Was it Hillary Clinton’s loss? Was it Bernie Sander’s win? Don’t be silly. No, it was the defeat in a non-Romney-winning state primary of Donald Trump by Ted Cruz. What a great day that was! More to the point though, is why doesn’t this really make him worry and worry a lot more?

Insurgent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, who describes himself as a democratic socialist, won his sixth straight primary, beating former secretary of state Hillary Clinton 56 per cent to 43 per cent.

Is Sanders really less of a worry than Trump? Is the American equivalent of Hugo Chavez not something that really really worries him? What a pitiful joke. And speaking of pitiful jokes, we also have another of the Murdoch shills, this time Niki Savva, lamenting the fact that people who preferred Abbott to Turnbull continue to say so. Well, there is at least this concession:

Turnbull has made his mistakes in the job — and which prime minister has not, certainly in the early stages.

Pathetic, just pathetic. It’s not just that he’s made mistakes, it is that he has not achieved a single thing. Here, on the other hand, is a list put together by someone pointing out Tony’s contrasting record:

His government stopped a ruthless people smuggling trade that had resulted in more than 1000 people perishing in the seas between Indonesia and Australia. They got rid of the carbon and mining taxes. They pushed through three FTAs. He, personally, pushed to stop government subsidies to the car industry, he said no to taxpayer funding for Qantas and IXL. He called a Royal Commission into Trade Union corruption. He reduced subsidies to the renewable energy sector. He tried to push through a one-stop shop on environmental approvals for new mining projects.

And all this with the Leader of the Opposition a member of his own cabinet.

I can certainly live with a Ted Cruz as president, better than either of the Democrats. But not to understand the virtues that Donald Trump would bring with him to the White House along with his negatives makes everything his critics at The Australian say just empty rhetoric demanded of them by their boss, in exactly the same way they had all ganged up on Tony.

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