ISIS is not a group it’s an ideology

The central problem is that the smug European/Western mentality believes that what he seeks is an impossibility. Hardly any story there at the link and the title is inane: We talked to an ex-ISIS fighter in Belgium, and what he said was chilling. It’s not chilling to him; it’s what he is willing to die for.

His dream to “live underneath an Islamic caliphate, underneath Islamic law” would soon become a reality in Europe. ISIS’s brand of militant Islam would not be denied, he said, because “ISIS is not a group, it’s an ideology.”

And just what is it that will prevent this from coming true, do you think, over let us say the next sixty years?

We have had a declaration of war and we know their war aims: Islamic State video calls for jihad after Brussels blasts.

“Every Muslim who is well aware of the history of Islam, knows that the holy war against infidels is an integral part of Islam, and those who read history would know.”

And those who do not read history can watch as it happens around them as they sleep. All that stands between you and this kind of fate is a billionaire property developer from New York who our elites disdain because he is not one of them. See the ISIS recruitment video below in which the voice of Donald Trump shines as the only piece of sanity found anywhere in this horrific mess.

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