Raking over old coals

Is this a former Prime Minister raking over old coals to tell us not be be raking over old coals. Why yes it is.

John Howard says he told former prime minister Tony Abbott to remove his chief of staff Peta Credlin, as he warned Coalition MPs to “stop raking over old coals” and focus on the re-election of a Turnbull government.

Just days after political commentator Niki Savva’s new book The Road to Ruin revealed NSW Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells personally warned Mr Abbott of the perception he was having an affair with Ms Credlin and needed to move her on, Mr Howard confirmed he had urged the former prime minister to dump his chief of staff.

Whatever Peta Credlin did or did not do, that is not why Malcolm continually did all he could to “pull the rug from underneath Tony Abbott”. Malcolm is now the author of his own mess because it turns out he is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. He had better not lose this election, that’s all there is to say. And if anyone has been stoking the flames of division of late, it’s been that confessed teller of untruths and Malcolm Turnbull shill, Nikka Savva and no one else.

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