Obama is beginning to see how his legacy will be written and he doesn’t like it

A couple of stories, mostly straws in a wind that will become more hurricane-like after January 2017. First this one, Obama: Trump’s rise not my fault. A Trump presidency will be due to Obama, worst president in American history that he is. But the whiny sot is already recognising that the history books may not end up treating him all that well:

Some well-known Republicans have said, however, Obama bears responsibility for voters’ affinity to Trump.

“After seven years of the cool, weak and endlessly nuanced ‘no drama Obama,’ voters are looking for a strong leader who speaks in short, declarative sentences,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed this month.

“Middle-class incomes are stagnant, and radical Islam is on the march across the Middle East,” the former 2016 candidate wrote. “No wonder voters are responding to someone who promises to make America great again.”

But the more interesting story is how difficult it is to be in public life and criticise Obama. This story is noteworthy because someone actually tried to say what they really thought: Mike Ditka is replaced on ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown one week after calling Obama the ‘worst president we’ve ever had’. You have to appreciate that he is one of the greatest football players in American history but not even someone with his name and background could withstand the instant blowback:

Mike Ditka will be replaced as a panelist on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, it has been revealed.

The announcement came less than a week after Ditka, both a former player and coach for the Chicago Bears, revealed he believed Barack Obama was the worst president ‘we’ve ever had’.

Ditka, who has been a main panelist for the ESPN show since 2006, said Obama was a ‘fine man’ but not a leader when he went on WABC’S The Bernie & Sid Show last Thursday. . . .

‘He’s not a leader. This country needs leadership. It needs direction. It needs somebody that steps up front.’

You cannot say this now in the United States but soon you will be and everyone will be saying it. Worst president in history, and this is even said by people who remember Jimmy Carter.

And now we can add this which is almost definitive, although it is only about Obama’s one and only “accomplishment”: NPR and Harvard say Obamacare is a complete failure. Add that to the debt, deficits and unemployment and you have pretty well summed up the domestic disaster he has overseen.

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