Disgusting and repulsive

This is from Bar Bar in the comments on Nikki Savva and journalistic ethics:

I’d like to remind the Liberal-supporting Abbott/Credlin-haters that Turnbull and most of his senior cabinet go back with Credlin in senior staff positions at least 6 years and some of them 9/10. And yet they say nothing.

I witnessed the Labor party imploding via Rudd’s background briefings, but none of them were salacious. Far from it. The silence of Turnbull and his senior ministers including Bishop, Cash, Payne, Ley and O’Dwyer signifies consent to the sliming of Credlin and Abbott in the service of their own personal political ambitions.

I can’t see the Liberal Party base staying inert at this daily shame being wreaked on the party.

As disgusting as what Savva wrote is, more disgusting is that there has been no one at the top of the Liberal Party saying a word on behalf of Abbott or Credlin and criticising Savva for wallowing in the gutter. Their value systems are sick and distorted. Abbott is the single most decent person to rise to high office in this country. It is shameful that even those on his own side of Parliament won’t say a word in his defence because they believe there is some minuscule political advantage in keeping silent.

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