My wife was right after all and it is a disgrace

My wife says this all the time about which I always say that the Israelis must already know this and are doing everything they can, but perhaps not: Israel needs an effective PR machine. If this is true, then there is something seriously wrong:

Barry Shaw, Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies wrote (February 10, 2016) in Israel National News that, “It is disgraceful how incompetent the Israeli government is when it comes to public diplomacy. It is not shockingly bad, it’s actually dangerously damaging to us.” Shaw goes on to say, “They concentrate on international diplomacy, government to government, government to international institutions, and what a mess they are making of that when it comes to protecting Israel from de-legitimization, anti-Israel resolutions, labeling, and a host of other slanders. They don’t really know how to deal with the problem, even when we are getting hit by so-called friendly countries. They’re clueless.”

This is based on another article, The Israeli government and public diplomacy; a national disgrace where we find:

When it comes to Israeli advocacy they’re incompetent in the Knesset, they’re incompetent in the government ministries and they’re incompetent in the global embassies.

How we have come to such a pass is beyond me. And when it comes to it, where would I get a fact sheet that lays out the Israeli answer to all of the BDS arguments we hear? If there is no source for such material, then incompetent is much too soft a word for what is going on.

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